Corey Johnson


For years I have been interested in photography, graphic design, & video. A few years back I was approched by a family to take their fall photos and that was the begining of an amazing journey. Since then I have been photographing many families, weddings, seniors, engagements, bridals, etc. I love metting new people and capturing the priceless moments in their life for them to cheirsh for years My clients often tell me I am more of a friend than their photographer. I truly want to be more than just a a typical photographer.

I was born with a genetic condition called albunisum. This condition took away the pigment in my hair, skin, & eyes. With that being said I am pale, have white hair, & am legaly blind. Now I know your thinking legally blind & your a photogrpaher? Yes it is true! The camera is like a new set of eyes for me. When I look through the lens I see a completly different world. No longer am I limited in vision, I see the world through a new set of eyes. Photography has allowed me to capture the world as I see it and show others my vision of this beautiful world. I have listed just a few facts about me below. 

 Fun & Interesting Facts About Me:
  • I have won several awards with my photography
  • I love music & play several different instruments
  • Baking is another hobby I have
  • I have two younger sisters
  • I am a proud uncle to twin little nieces
  • I love thrill rides and will ride any rollercoaster there is
  • My favorite colors are green & aqua blue
If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to ask.