...things to consider about pricing

Honestly there can never be a price put on memories, but the prices listed below are based off of evaluation of my time, knowledge, &expertice in delivering you quality images & products that you will be able to cherish forever.

I like to ask my clients to think of it as an investment in the future than rather just a price. Years from now when children are grown and loved ones have passed away, what price woud you have paid to have quality photos of them to cherish. 
Wedding Packages

Every wedding is different so I wanted to provide different options to better fit your uniqu wedding needs. 

Travel fees may apply depinding on wedding location and travel expences. 
The Basic Wedding


  • 2 Hours of Wedding Covrage
  • 2 Photographers
  • Flash Drive Of High Resolution Images
  • Print Release
The Delux Wedding


  • Engagement Or Bridal Photo Session
  • 8 Hours Wedding Coverage
  • 2 Photographers
  • Flash Drive Of High Resolution Images
  • Print Release
  • Framed  Custom Designed Print
  • Slideshow Of Wedding Photos 
Wedding Add On Items

Any of these can be added 

  • Additional Hour $300
  • Engagement Session $200
  • Bridal Session $200
  • Photo Slideshow $100
  • Additional Flashdrive $50
Family, Engagement, Bridal, & Senior
Capturing those priceless moments in time is always something special to me. Whether your in need of new family photos, you just gont engaged, or your child is now a highschool senior, let me help capture those pricless moments in your life. 
These sessions are priced for up to 5 people. Any extra people will be $15 per person. 
Travel fees may be applied in certain instances.
Mini Session (15)


  • 30 Minute Session
  • 15 High Resolution Images
  • Online Gallery
  • Digital Downloads
Mini Session (30)


  • 45 Minute Session
  • 30 High Resolution Images
  • Online Gallery
  • Digital Downloads
The Delux (60)


  • Up to 90 Minute Session
  • Outfit Changes
  • 60 High Resolution Images
  • Online Gallry
  • Digital Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions I have been asked and wanted to go ahead and try to answr a few of thm for you. 
If you have a question and don't see it listed below feel free to ask I would be happy to help.
How far in advance do i need to book a family session?

Booking needs to be done at least two weeks before you are wanting to have them taken

What type outfit is best for pictures?

Complementary colors are best. Gone are the days of being matchy matchy with white shirts and jeans. Try selecting colors and patterns that compliment each other and also tie in with the season or look you are wanting to get. 

What location is best for photos?

Most times I tell my clients that the location of the shoot determins the outcome of the look of their images. If you want a very open airy look than decide on a field rather than a busy background of a barn or forest. Location has allow to do with the style of the shoot. Anothr thing to kep in mind is what ar these photos going to be used for? If you ar doing family photos to hang in your home then I probably wouldnt do a rustic location if your home is more contmporary modern in style. You need to think ahead so the end result will fit in with what you are needing it for. 

What is the best time of day for photos?

This is another question I get asked very frequently. Honestly it all depends on the weather. The best lighting times are the golden hours, an hour after sunrise & before sunset. Those times the sun is low and very golden which casts great light tones. However you can get some amazing photos about any time of day. I have spent hours honing my skill and have learned how to see light and work with it to create the best results. 
When is the best time of year for photos?

I get asked thisquestion allot and it really varies. Fall is by far the most busy season for any portrait photographer. That ebing said if you want fall photos book in September and don't wait until October. Spring photos ar very nice too because you have all the new plants that are in bloom and it isnt super hot yet. I would say mid summer and winter can be some of the harder times to take photos. One being it can get super hot & humid which causes sweating,hair to get fizzy, makup to run etc, and winter can be difficult in that tthe trees and surroundings can look very dead.  Just kep in mind the look you are wanting to achieve when thinking time of year to get photos done. 

Graphics & Video Work

As much as I love doing photography I also love doing video & custom graphics. Depending on your project needs I can work out an hourly rate or na overall cost depending on project and time involved.  Contact for rates & costs.